Deep Dive

Our tagline at Commcentric is to ‘Bring your vision to life’ and that is precisely the goal of our consulting service.

In our first consultation I’ll be doing a deep dive into your organisation and gaining an understanding of the heart of your people.

This may involve surveys, interviews and focus groups to tap into the current climate of your organisation and levels of engagement.

I’ll assess aspects of your communications approach and engagement strategies that require support. Then I will make recommendations based on my assessment.

Commcentric's goal is to bring your vision to life

Communications Bootcamp

The Communications Bootcamp will help you improve employee engagement levels in your organisation and the flow-on effect in your workplace will be well worth the investment.

The Communications Bootcamp is an interactive and engaging half-day workshop with a communications expert. You’ll have the opportunity to bring together your key leaders to focus on your communications and employee engagement strategy.

You will be guided through best practice principles to develop a robust 90 Day Action Plan. The Plan will focus on improving employee engagement by:

  • Bringing your vision to life in the hearts and minds of your people
  • Helping your people gain clarity around your organisation’s purpose
  • Opening up dialogues and ensuring that your people are given a voice
  • Ensuring that important information is flowing freely through all levels of your organisation
  • Promoting collaboration and team spirit
  • Providing recognition for your people who are bringing your vision to life, and finally
  • Empowering your people to achieve inspiring goals together.

The bootcamp is designed to be an interactive and engaging exercise in and of itself, creating the opportunity to re-calibrate with your key leaders and stakeholders.

At the end of the bootcamp the group will walk away with a practical 90 Day action plan which you can start to implement immediately following the bootcamp.


I am committed to helping you engage the hearts and minds of your people through proven communications and employee engagement strategies.

By reaching the hearts of individuals across your organisation you will be able to mobilise your organisational vision and gain momentum towards achieving your goals.

I will work with you to develop an employee communications and engagement strategy with specific objectives to ensure that all aspects of the plan supports your organisations vision and strategic direction. The plan will build upon your current program and help you engage key stakeholders on the journey.

The strategy will include a situation analysis, objectives, strategies, tactics, timeframes and measurement.

Invest and our intensive bootcamp sessions to hone your processes and communications
Get Connected
Photo by: Brandee Meier


An event, whether online or in person, provides a wonderful opportunity to bring your vision to life and create an experience for your people that could resonate with them for years to come.

We can help you create events and experiences for your people which are interactive, purposeful, efficiently run and with concrete results.

Whether it’s a leadership event, employee briefing, recognition service or special announcement, we can provide you with the support you need to make an impact on your people.

Invite me to your event planning sessions and I can support you with advice in the areas of:

  • Branding
  • Engagement
  • Format
  • Presentations
  • Speaker notes
  • Feedback mechanisms


Together with my extended team of experts in the area of online marketing, design, video production and photography, I can support you with brilliant communications tools to help you engage and inspire your people.

There is no limit to what we can produce for your organisation.The secret to our success is the way we get the heart of what you need to achieve.

Our starting point is always your vision. By asking the right questions and conducting thorough research, we articulate your unique proposition and hit home your key messages.

Come to us with a message and an audience, and we will produce the right solution to help you communicate your message and engage your people.

Communication tools include:

  • Intranets
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Social media content
  • Print media
  • Presentations
Commcentric can support you with a range of marketing, design and video and photography experts
Commcentric videos will capture your audience and effectively convey your message

Employee Videos

We can help you capture an audience and convey your message effectively through videos. We work with our expert partners in video productions to produce high-end videos that will communicate effectively to your people.

From scripting and presenting, to producing and editing, we will manage all aspects of the production process. We also provide a coaching service to help you communicate on camera with confidence and passion.

You can use a video in the following ways to help drive your communications strategy:

  • Ignite passion across your organisation
  • Make an important announcement to your people
  • Launch a program to all employees
  • Recognise and reward your people
  • Liven the interest at an event
  • Showcase business successes
  • Capture client testimonials and business wins
  • Keep your stakeholders informed on your progress