How is corporate Australia changing the landscape of the Australian Arts Sector? Is your company a corporate sponsor or are you looking for an Australian cause worthy of supporting? Piano+ is an exciting new company emerging from the almost 50-year-old Sydney International Piano Competition. For the first time since its major rebrand, the company is  Continue Reading »


It’s one of the most prestigious piano competitions in the world, and now The Sydney International Piano Competition is about to spread its wings even further. Commcentric hosted dozens of corporate VIPs to watch the finals at the Sydney Opera House this past week, involving 6 finalists over two nights – all vying for the  Continue Reading »

Is your communication strategy hitting the mark?

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – George Bernard Shaw When I work with my clients I like to make sure that my clients are under no illusion as to whether communications are effective within their organisation. My Imperative Model of Communication Effectiveness captures 10 key areas  Continue Reading »

Communication is the secret ingredient

Communication is all about influence. It’s the mantra I find myself repeating over and over again. If you want to galvanise the energy and talents of your people towards a unifying vision – the secret ingredient will always be in the communication. As Carmine Gallo says it beautifully in HBR: “You can have the greatest idea  Continue Reading »

Strategic internal communication plays a pivotal role to drive positive change

It’s all the buzz here at Macquarie Park – the Employee Excellence Roundtable event was a fabulous success! It was a complete privilege to speak to leaders in our district on the pivotal role that strategic internal communications plays in helping organisations drive positive change. Alignment was a key focus of my presentation and the  Continue Reading »

Communicating for Influence

It was an absolute honour to speak at #getconnected this week at Optus. To be among such clever and passionate local business leaders was energising, to say the least. A special thanks to the City of Ryde, Jan Bouhali, Macquarie Park Ryde Business Chamber and Optus for bringing this amazing event to life. I spoke on the topic of communicating for influence and  Continue Reading »

The power of Internal Communications

Internal communications is essentially all about influence – it’s about influencing and engaging your employees so they feel connected to your organisation’s vision and committed to playing their part to bring it to life. It’s one of those unique disciplines that impacts an organisation’s culture, employee engagement levels, productivity and business performance. The internal communications  Continue Reading »

The power of an effective Internal Communications Strategy

I’m thrilled to be featured on Mumbition The Podcast by Mums & Co. It’s a new podcast for business owners featuring inspiring stories about business life and parenting. Carrie Kwan and I chatted about how I help leaders create a sustainable competitive advantage in their organisations, and how I pull it off as a writer and mother of  Continue Reading »

Online Training: Strategic Internal Communications for leaders

There’s nothing quite as stimulating to me than bringing bright minds together from diverse countries and training them on a subject I’m passionate about. That’s exactly what I had the chance to do last month when I led an online course on strategic internal communications for leaders. The participants included senior communication executives from the  Continue Reading »

Six tips for leaders transitioning their people back to company offices

With the recent easing of restrictions and the removal of the ‘work from home’ directive, employers are considering how to welcome back more employees into their office spaces. In this article we outline tips for leaders tasked with the role of transitioning their people back into the ‘office’. While some leaders are excited at the  Continue Reading »