Six tips for leaders transitioning their people back to company offices

With the recent easing of restrictions and the removal of the ‘work from home’ directive, employers are considering how to welcome back more employees into their office spaces. In this article we outline tips for leaders tasked with the role of transitioning their people back into the ‘office’. While some leaders are excited at the  Continue Reading »

How to create an inclusive culture?

Every employee deserves to feel part of something bigger, and as leaders it’s our privilege and responsibility to make this a reality every day. “The best leaders are able to bring their people into the future because they engage in the oldest form of research: They observe the human condition” (HBR). To create an inclusive  Continue Reading »


What is culture? Scholars and academics have many things to say about organisational culture and define it in various ways, but in my opinion the best definition is the simplest one – ‘the way we do things around here’. The culture of an organisation is the company’s philosophy in action – it’s what makes a  Continue Reading »


I’m sure you would agree that every individual deserves to feel part of a higher purpose. As leaders we have the privilege and responsibility to help our people connect to that greater purpose every day. While our People and Culture initiatives may look different this year, our commitment to engaging our employees needs to be  Continue Reading »

Take your people on the journey

I read an article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) about leading people into the future by connecting deeply with them in the present. I love this particular quote because it perfectly captures the topic of this blog – here it is: The only visions that take hold are shared visions—and you will create them  Continue Reading »

Turn your dream into a vision

What does communications effectiveness look and feel like in an organisation? In a nutshell, it means that your people know where your company is heading, they know how their role fits into the broader vision of the firm and they are motivated and capable to work towards it. While there are no silver bullets to  Continue Reading »