• Bring your vision to life through world-class communications
    Bring your vision to life through world-class communications


Hi I’m Linda Karkafi and my passion is to help leaders like you bring your vision to life through world-class communications.

I spent several years delivering best practice comms strategies to CEOs and Executives in some of Australia’s leading financial institutions.

Then in 2015 I decided to explore how I could bring together my expertise in communications and my passion to help people, in a way where I could make a real difference in workplaces across Australia.

The result was Commcentric – a communications consultancy which helps leaders engage their people through employee engagement strategies and world-class communications.

Linda Karkafi, Commcentric founder and Senior Communications Advisor

I’m sure you would agree that every organisation ultimately has the same goal – to succeed at something! Yet despite the intelligence, passion and expertise of many leaders, where things can easily fall apart is in the area of internal communications.

If you want to drive your business performance and overall success, it’s critical that each individual in your organisation is engaged with your vision and feels passionately about your value proposition.

At Commcentric I have the privilege to support amazing leaders, business owners and professionals with communications strategies that engage their people and improve business performance.


My greatest passion, and the reason I founded Commcentric, is to help people. I absolutely love partnering with my clients and helping them foster an organisational culture which supports their vision.

When you engage Commcentric to help out with your communications strategy you are inviting me to the table – a credible expert in the field of communications who is passionate about getting you results, and making your journey along the way a positive one.

I’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch today for a free consultation.

Commcentric's goal is to bring your vision to life

Our tagline at Commcentric is to ‘Bring your vision to life’ and that is precisely the goal of our consulting service.


Research shows that high levels of employee engagement improves productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction and business profitability. That’s why we have developed a practical bootcamp to help you inspire and engage your people in the current landscape.


Invest and our intensive bootcamp sessions to hone your processes and communications

I am committed to helping you engage the hearts and minds of your people through proven communications and employee engagement strategies.


Our in-person and online events will bring your vision to life

An event, whether online or in person, provides a wonderful opportunity to bring your vision to life and create an experience for your people that could resonate with them for years to come.


Commcentric can support you with a range of marketing, design and video and photography experts

Together with my extended team of experts in the area of online marketing, design, video production and photography, I can support you with brilliant communications tools to help you engage and inspire your people.


Commcentric videos will capture your audience and effectively convey your message

We can help you capture an audience and convey your message effectively through videos. We work with our expert partners in video productions to produce high-end videos that will communicate effectively to your people.




Linda Karkafi, Commcentric Business Consultant

Linda Karkafi

Business Consultant

Linda has over 15 years of experience in Marketing and Communications. Her expertise spans the full spectrum of communications services including the provision of strategic advice to senior leaders, the development of communications plans and employee engagement strategies, end-to-end management of key channels including online and print mediums, and the production of large-scale corporate events.

Nirmal Gyanwali

Nirmal Gyanwali

Senior Web Developer

Nirmal is one of Sydney’s leading Web Developers with over 15 years experience in web design and development. He discovered his passion for online channels when he was 18 years old at which stage he started building web sites for small businesses. He spent the following decade in senior corporate roles, from Web Design and Development roles to Senior Executive positions. His passion is to partner with businesses and help them achieve their marketing and communications goals through effective online solutions.

John McRae

Senior Photographer

With more than 15 years of experience shooting for local and international brands, John McRae has gained a reputation as one of Sydney’s most accomplished photographers. John has a strong background as a Commercial Photographer, specialising in corporate photography, exhibitions and portraiture. His work is regularly reproduced in publications and magazine covers around the globe.



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