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    It is impossible to provide a great customer experience without providing a great employee experience


Hi I’m Linda Karkafi and my passion is to help leaders like you develop a sustainable competitive advantage through world-class communication.

For 20 years I have used a proven process to improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement and business performance for some of Australia’s leading institutions.

In 2015 I decided to explore how I could bring together my expertise in corporate communications and my passion to help people, in a way where I could make a real difference in workplaces across Australia.

The result was Commcentric – a Sydney-based communications consultancy which helps leaders engage their people through employee engagement strategies and world-class communication.

Linda Karkafi, Commcentric founder and Senior Communications Advisor

Regardless of whether your people are physically located in your company office or working from their homes, they need to feel a strong connection to your purpose, strategy and values.

When your people feel engaged, they will feel valued for their contribution and empowered to make a difference. Not only will this create a positive workplace culture for your organisation, it will also enable you to build a sustainable competitive advantage over the long term.

At Commcentric I have the privilege to support CEOs, Executives, business owners and professionals with communication strategies that engage their people and improve business performance.


Commcentric's goal is to bring your vision to life

Our tagline at Commcentric is to ‘Bring your vision to life’ and that is precisely the goal of our consulting service.


Research shows that high levels of employee engagement improves productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction and business profitability. That’s why we have developed a practical bootcamp to help you inspire and engage your people in the current landscape.


Invest and our intensive bootcamp sessions to hone your processes and communications

I am committed to helping you engage the hearts and minds of your people through proven communications and employee engagement strategies.


Our in-person and online events will bring your vision to life

An event, whether online or in person, provides a wonderful opportunity to bring your vision to life and create an experience for your people that could resonate with them for years to come.


Commcentric can support you with a range of marketing, design and video and photography experts

Together with my extended team of experts in the area of online marketing, design, video production and photography, I can support you with brilliant communications tools to help you engage and inspire your people.


Commcentric videos will capture your audience and effectively convey your message

We can help you capture an audience and convey your message effectively through videos. We work with our expert partners in video productions to produce high-end videos that will communicate effectively to your people.



Organisations We have worked with


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Are you ready to gain momentum?

We’re ready to help you bring your vision to life through world class communications.

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