Marketing collateral

Print Marketing
Brochures, capability statements, Annual reports, newsletters and magazines are just a selection of the type of materials we produce at Commcentric. There is no limit to what we can design and deliver for your organisation.

The secret to our success is the way we get the heart of what you need to achieve. Our starting point is always your vision. By asking the right questions and conducting thorough research, we articulate your unique proposition and hit home your key messages with sophistication. Come to us with a message and an audience, and we will produce the right solution to help drive your business performance.

Our team has worked on tenders for several years in the Funds Management and Construction sector. Many of our tenders have helped organisations win exciting new projects and investment opportunities.

We don’t just re-hash information and produce a glossy looking document. We dig deep into understanding the business opportunity and ensuring that the tender is tailored to the business proposition, to ensure that we put your company in the best possible light. We are passionate about bidding for new jobs and we absolutely love helping our clients put their best foot forward when tendering for new business. We would only be too happy to show you some of our work.

Corporate videos
We can help you capture an audience and convey your message effectively through our video production capability. We have excelled at producing high quality videos for clients across the Construction, Banking and Education sectors. We start from a concept and manage all aspects of the production process – from scripting and presenting, to producing and editing. We also provide coaching services to help you communicate with confidence and passion to your audience.

You can use an effective corporate video in the following ways to help drive your communications strategy:

- Portray the strength of your organisation
- Make an important announcement to your people
- Wow potential clients and increase your chances in a tender submission
- Convey client testimonials with passion and credibility
- Keep your stakeholders informed on your progress
- Liven the interest at an event.